NAIPO Neck & Back Massager with Heat and Vibration (Beige)


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Incomparable Professional Masseur - The back massager imitates massage skills by a professional masseur to provide shiatsu deep kneading massage on neck and back for ultimate stress relief; Soothing heat (104-114.8℉) loosens muscle stiffness to relieve fatigue for more customizable massage experience at home, in office or car.

Adjustable Neck Massage - The massage cushion well suits people between 61 inches and 70.9 inches (1.55-1.80 m) with 4 neck massage nodes which allow height adjustment among 11cm, while offering soothing kneading neck massage to efficiently combat tension with improved flexibility for joints and muscles.

Pin-point Back Massage - 4 back kneading massage nodes travel up and down with 3 modes: upper, lower, or full back; The chair massager can also massage on specific back areas to fully satisfy your massage needs, reducing anxiety and depression as well.

Seat Vibration Massage - Choose vibration function among 3 levels to shake your hips and thighs rhythmically off tension and muscle tightness from sitting for long, further creating sense of relaxation.

Long Service Life - Breathable mesh fabric strongly withstands wear and tear while promoting heat penetration; PU leather is soft to touch and easy to maintain; Fine copper core motor ensures powerful reinvigorating massage and long service life.

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